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Bronze Plan

Originally, this program was carried out during two to three months of work with the soccer player. Nowadays, through our learning platform available to all soccer players in the world, which is as high-quality as similar platforms used in universities, we allow each soccer player to train himself in the quickest, most effective, and most organized way possible, so he can become a professional player as soon as possible.

Through the exercises, recommendations, and examples we share in our programs, we seek to help each soccer player become a fully fledged professional. And sure, reaching that goal is not possible by just learning the information shared in our program – a good attitude, and the desire to improve yourself, are also required. So, if we join forces, then we assure you that you will learn by heart the information shared in this program, and you'll be able to use it as a very important stepping stone to become a successful professional.

The most important part is for you to understand that each lesson and exercise has been designed to save you years of work, so you can save both time and money.

This program is divided in 4 topics that you'll need to work on:

    • 1. Global Positioning: Here we show you what is your goal as a Level 4 soccer player.
    • 2. Market Analysis: Here you'll learn about salaries, the kinds of soccer teams that exist, strategies for each one of them, and other things you need to keep in mind. You'll also see how to increase your value and quality as a soccer player, and lastly, we'll talk about professionalism, commitment, and image.
    • 3. Creating your personal brand as a soccer player: Here we show you step by step what to do regarding your image and brand, including how to build a strong brand, and how to manage it professionally in social networks.
    • 4. Transformation: Nothing in this program will happen in reality unless you get to work! Here you will find a last set of recommendations and suggestions to apply effectively everything you learned in this program.

And now, it's time to get to work!

Silver plan


We sometimes think that becoming a professional soccer player is a matter of luck, and that it's all going to happen because "it's our destiny"… but the truth is that this profession has nothing to do with that. Professional soccer is about doing a good job, and investing in ourselves to promote ourselves as best as we can.

What our organization does through the programs we offer is teach soccer player the strategies that provide the best results to reach success in the industry, as soon as possible. Designing these strategies has been possible thanks to years of experience working with many different soccer players from all over the world. 

 Because of this, we've also seen that there is still people who think that it's difficult to invest in programs like this… but for some reason, it's ok to invest in some shirt from a recognized brand. There is a lot of ignorance and misinformation in the soccer industry, and the saddest part is seeing that many people in the industry are just not very interested in becoming more informed, and improving themselves. 

 That is the reason why these programs have been so successful: When players invest in the knowledge found in these programs, and apply it consistently, they obtain a huge advantage over millions of other soccer players who are just waiting around for opportunities to fall on their laps.

These are the topics covered in the Silver Program:

  1. Reviewing your professional bases: You will obtain access to the Bronze Plan at no extra charge to verify if all of your professional bases are in place.
  2. Branding 2.0: This is a continuation to what you'll learn in the Bronze Program, filled with more knowledge, and more impactful applications, in regards to building your brand and image.
  3.  Building investment proposals: How to attract and motivate sponsors, people and/or companies to work with you.
  4.  Learn strategies: The key to grow in the soccer industry is knowing the best strategies to deal with every actor in the industry. That's what we teach you in this section.
  5. Soccer representation: You will learn how to choose representatives who can help you, the kinds of representatives that exist, how to deal with them, and how to negotiate your services.
  6.  Offers analysis: While your representative can do this for you, the soccer player himself should be able to tell apart a good offer from a bad one, as well as know about how teams tend to negotiate directly with the players.


And now, it's time to get to work!

Soccer Entrepreneur

Getting ready to WIN in this industry

In the name of everyone who works at the International Soccer Consultancy L&M, FUTBOL MAN, LEX FIFA and SOCCER INDUSTRY, we know it won't be easy to break into a market where there are difficult negotiation scenarios, crises at soccer clubs, and strong capitals which are looking for specific interests.

 However, knowing how difficult it can be, we've developed strategies just as solid to be able to deal with such situations. Thus, we want to share with you the strengths of our entire organization, reflected in this training for soccer entrepreneurs.

 The main strength we have to teach this program is our work system, which is based on the specialization and the joint work of multiple companies and workgroups, making us one of the top companies in the soccer industry.

 Our next strength is the internationalization of our entire organization, which will allow you to work from almost anywhere in the world.

 Thanks to this, and more, we invite you to check out all of the contents in this program. Remember that to create this program we've extracted the most concrete and necessary points that you need to master to become a successful entrepreneur, assuming you don't stop learning about the industry on your own.

 Below you will find all the chapters and topics we cover in this program:



Soccer as a million dollar industry

The actors in the soccer industry


1. Products and services in the soccer industry



 2. Soccer's legal framework


Legal dispositions

Work relationships in the industry

 3. Taxation


Contributions and rates

 4. Business and investment analysis in soccer

Business plan

Market research

Feasibility studies

Economic-financial plan for investors

Execution of an investment program

Financial fair play

Investment program for a soccer career



 5. Representation for soccer players

Sports laws, and representing soccer players

Scouting and analysis of players

Managing a soccer career


 6. Public relations and marketing


Execution of a promotion program

Referral system


 7. Commercial and business relations oriented towards well-being

Work diagram

Investment measures




Professional transparency

 Final recommendations

Our organization as a catapult

The end of the road


Final evaluation

Futbol Man KIDS

The current course contains an integral development program through soccer:


Chapter I contains general facts about the integral development of a child or teenager through soccer.

 Chapter II talks about shaping quality people through soccer as a unifying element.

 Chapter III presents an analysis about teaching soccer, and its applicability within formative education.

 In Chapter IV, once the first appreciation has been gathered, and its subsequent analysis has been completed, presents the organization that the present program would have.

 And at last, Chapter V talks about choosing soccer as a career, and the first steps to take to start a professional career in this field.